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      Welcome to the Sex and Gender Specific Health (SGSH) website! We are excited to share our educational products and resource information regarding sex and gender difference significance in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. All of our educational products have been created by interprofessional teams of faculty and students and have been peer reviewed. Outlined below is a summary of the various features of the website. Please feel free to utilize any of these resources in the classroom, or elsewhere, and please contact us if you have any questions: @ .

Slide Library:   The slide sets on this page are designed to be integrated into existing curricula to enhance sex and gender difference education regarding specific disease states.
Learning Modules:  The learning modules can be used in a variety of ways within existing curricula to enhance students’ knowledge of sex and gender difference significance in five different disease states.
Cases:  Each of the case scenarios on this page provide a template for integrating sex and gender difference education into existing curricula.
Communication:  This is where you will find the most recent SGSH program information, podcasts with those who are actively involved in disseminating sex and gender difference information, and new developments regarding sex and gender difference education.
Partners:   Here you will find the institutions and individuals who are working directly with the SGSH program to promote sex and gender difference education.
Resources:   A variety of sex and gender difference education and information resources are provided on this page.

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