Utilizing the latest VR technology, VxMED creates interactive clinical patient encounters, each of which features a unique 3D patient exhibiting the life-like symptoms of important diseases for medical students to master. As students interact with each virtual patient–identifying symptoms, ordering tests, suggesting treatment, etc., their medical knowledge will expand, and their ability to care for patients will improve.

Developed by medical students at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, and with early support from the Laura Bush Institute for Women’s Health Sex and Gender Specific Health initiative and the TTU Innovation Hub, VxMED now provides the Sex and Gender Specific Health Cardiovascular Module free of charge to all users.  VxMED scenarios are compatible with Windows and Mac personal computers as well as Steam VR capable virtual reality headsets.

A video tutorial and link to the VxMED Sex and Gender Specific Health Cardiovascular Module are below.

Please watch this tutorial before accessing the VxMED Sex and Gender Specific Health Cardiovascular Module.

Click this link to go to the VxMED website then follow the below instructions:

  1. At the VxMed website - click “Download VxMED Launcher.”
  2. After the launcher downloads - create a username and password then login.
  3. After logging in – click on “Launch” LBI SGSH MODULE.



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